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firstName: Miika
lastName: Tuominen
home: Turku, Finland
  Portfolio: (you're here)
- Software Developer
- Student
employed: yes
  human: [ Finnish, English, Swedish ]
  programming: [ C, C++, Rust, Java, Scala, Kotlin, JavaScript, TypeScript, Python, PHP ]
- Swimming
- Mountain biking
  host: ThinkPad
  os: Fedora
  de: GNOME
  ide: VSCode
  shell: zsh
  term: kitty
favoriteJsFramework: SvelteKit

I'm Miika, I program stuff. I also like taking notes, swimming, rubiks cubes, physics, badminton, open source software, physics and math. Every once in a while I put up something new on my Github and this website, and over the years I've accumulated a good amount of projects. Some are elegant, some are hacky, but they're all meaningful and document how I've improved my skills by creating them. You can check them out on the other page. I'm not actively looking for a new job, but I might have time for smaller projects. For any reason except ads, feel free to shoot me an email at

Things people said about collaborating with me:

I have had the pleasure of working with Miika, and I can confidently say that they are truly an exceptional individual. Miika has demonstrated an exceptional ability to contribute to complex systems with little to no instruction, displaying initiative, autonomy, intuition and problem solving skills. His software development skills are truely outstanding, and they consistently go above and beyond to produce high quality work.

What impressed me most about Miika is their natural ability to take on new challenges and think outside the box, and always finds a new way to add value to our projects. They will undoubtably be an asset to any team and I am certain that he will excel in any role he takes on.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to me if you have further questions about Miika's capabilities or performance

— Albert Marashi, Founder

We had an honor to have this prodigy boy Miika in our team at the Junction hackathon. I was amazed by strong leadership and diplomacy skills of this young man - he didn't hesitate for a second when it came to making hard decisions, leading difficult discussions and getting things done. I have studied/worked with hundreds of programmers, but Miika's passion for coding is outstanding.

He was the hero of our team, playing the keyboard like piano. Moreover, he demonstrated an essential can-do attitude, while learning along the way at the speed of light. All while staying focused and sane during 48 hours of no-sleep coding. He's definitely one of the brightest people I've ever met, and I'm sure he would be a treasure for any team!

— Raminta Valasiniene, Business Owner

Tired, but very excited after participating in the #Junction2022 hackathon because I could learn many new things from young and talented people such as 17-year-old Miika Tuominen from my team

— Nam Vu Hoang, Lead Software Engineer at VTT

Miika coded and designed our website perfecly. He would make constant changes to ensure that the site was the best that it could be. The site he created allowed us to generate more attraction from people.

— Rishi Ajmera, CEO of nonprofit Silverline Tutoring

I am extremely satisfied with the great work that has been done! Value for money services with quality and efficient time manner. Definitely recommended and I will prefer him if available, for sure.

— David Hamback

Miika was really helpful, the project was completed on time and according to the requirements. He understood what I needed pretty fast, I didn't need to give too much instructions outside of the initial talk we had.

— Sachi Reyes